Become A Care Partner

We are so delighted that you are considering partnering with us in helping others regain their health. For choosing to give, we have teamed up with a few others to help you stay as healthy as possible, as cheaply as possible… with these small gifts below.

Monthly Donation

Monthly Care Partner

  Thank for become a Monthly Care Partner.  We appreciate your monthly gift.
Annual Membership

Annual Care Partner!

  Thank you for choosing support us yearly.  Your gift of $300 makes you a annual Care Partner.
Life Time Member

Life Time Member

  Thank you for your generous support.  For a endowment of $10,000 you will become a Lifetime Care Partner.

Make A Custom Donation

Our wonderful Campinar experience is where you get to camp for free in your own tent with all meals provided and take classes from 3 to 7 days.  Some of the classes that may be offered include:

Cooking, Nutrition, Wilderness Survival, Gardening, Canning, Simple remedies, Daniel/Revelations Study, Emergency Techniques, Sewing, Simple Mechanics, Depression, Marriage and Relationships.  Rooms and RV set up may be available at a small cost.  Meals with still be provided.

As an appreciation for your monthly donation we would like to give you an appreciation card to encourage you to eat and live better. With this card you will receive discounts from different retailers ,restaurants, parks and outdoor activity places that would also like to encourage you to give and live healthier.
Click here to see participating venues.

In addition to these gifts to encourage you to give and live healthier we would like you to visit any of our participating inner city lifestyle centers at any time to check your blood pressure, sugar, and help you deal with your health conditions God’s beautiful way. We will also determine if more extensive care is needed in an associated institution that addresses lifestyle and disease. Stays range from 7 to 25 days depending on what is needed.
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Early email notifications
You will also receive early notifications of any classes or seminars that may benefit you.